Jonas Brothers Quiz

Q.1: The Jonas Brothers gained their popularity via which popular childrenís television network?
a. Disney Channel

b. Cartoon Network

c. Nickelodeon

d. None of the above


Q.2: How many members does the Jonas Brothers consist of?

a. 1 member

b. 2 members

c. 3 members

d. 4 members


Q.3: From which city of America does the Jonas Brothers hail from?

a. Salt lake city

b. Sunset city

c. New York city

d. Wyckoff city


Q.4: How many albums have the Jonas Brothers released?

a. 1 album

c. 2 albums

b. 3 albums

c. 4 albums


Q.5: In which year did the Jonas Brothers release their debut album?

a. 2002

b. 2004

c. 2006

d. 2007


Q.6: What is the name of Jonas Brothers charity foundation?

a. Change for the Children Foundation

b. Change of the child foundation

c. Make a change for the children foundation

d. None of the above.


Q.7: When was Paul Kevin Jonas Born?

a. November 5, 1987.

b. December 15, 1988.

c. January 7, 1990.

d. August 8, 1992.


Q.8: In which episode of Hannah Montana did the Jonas brothers their guest appearance?

a. Episode 15

b. Episode 11

c. Episode 16

d. They never appeared in Hannah Montana


Q.9: In what year did the Jonas Brothers receive Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards?

a. 2006

b. 2007

c. 2008

d. Never


Q.10: In what year were the Jonas Brothers awarded the Teen choice award?

a. 2006

b. 2007

c. 2008

d. Never


Q.11: What is the name of Jonas brothers youngest band member?

a. Kevin Jonas

b. Nick Jonas

c. Joe Jonas

d. They are triplings


Q.12: What is their latest album entitled?

a. A Little Bit Longer

b. It's About Time

c. Jonas Brothers

d. None of the above


Q.13: How was Nick Jonas discovered?

a. Singing at a bar

b. Singing at home

c. Singing at a barberís shop

d. American Idol


Q.14: At what age did Nicholas start performing at Broadway?

a. 10

b. 8

c. 7

d. He never performed at Broadway


Q.15: What role did Nicholas play in the 2000 move entitled ďA Christmas carolĒ?

a. Scrooge

b. Santa Clause

c. Tiny Tim

d. He didnít participate


Q.16: When did the Jonas Brothers make their first appearance at the white house?

a. During Christmas

b. During the Easter egg roll festival

c. During the Easter

d. During the thanksgiving


Q.17: What did they do during their visit at the white house?

a. They sang a Christmas carol

b. Met the president

c. Sang the national anthem

d. Spoke about the National Vaccine Program


Q.18: What rank did their self titled album reach on the Billboard 200?

a. Number 1

b. Number 3

c. Number 5

D. Number 8


Q.19: When did the Jonas Brothers make their television debut?

a. Mai 17, 2007

b. August 14, 2007

c. August 7, 2007

d. October 15, 2007


Q.20: When will their television show entitled J.O.N.A.S be aired?

a. It has already been aired

b. 2009

c. 2010

d. The plans have been canceled

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