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Many musicians are taking the music world by a storm by for Jonas brothers, they are making it thunder! Considering their age, they have done great and massive things. These are just young people who started their careers since they were young but fast rose to higher ranks and within a short time, they were stars! But as they said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The road to success of the Jonas brothers have not been a pot of gold or a silver platter, it was quite rocky but they made it through; thanks to their parents and loyal fans. This is just one of the many facts about the Jonas brothers. They had to switch labels, put up with the low sales of their sales but still never lost hope. They are an inspiration to many upcoming artist and not only in America but across the globe.

Of the facts about the Jonas brothers, is that this group is made up of three brothers. Paul Kevin II is the first born and started the music career before his brothers. He worked on his first song with his dad. Adam Jonas is second born while Jerry Jonas is the younger one who suffers from diabetes. They are the siblings of Paul Kevin Jonas and Denise Dee Miller who born and raised these boys in the United States but now living in New Jersey. The Jonas brother group was formed in 2005 even though Nick had started singing before and had initially worked with his dad on the song ‘Joy to the world’.

They have worked with quite a number of labels which have helped in producing their music and selling it. They include Columbia records, Hollywood and INO records. Up to date, they have four albums such as ‘Its About Time’, ‘Jonas Brothers’, ‘A little Bit Longer’ and ‘Lines and Trying Times’ which have made quite a number of great sales and still they haven’t given up, the Jonas brothers are working on their upcoming album to be released on 2013. It’s their fifth! Very hardworking men!

The Jonas brothers are not only musicians; they are also talented actors who have featured in many TV shows and movies. These three brothers are not only good in playing guitars, pianos, keyboards and vocals they are impressive with their acting skills. Their confidence, creativity and flow of words in front camera have not only earned them fans in the music world but also in the acting world. They featured in Disney Original Series; Hannah Montana and later on Milley Cyrus and Hanna Montana. The Jonas brothers were also part of the TV live shows such as Living the Dream, Studio DC: Almost Live, Disney Channel Games, Married to Jonas, Night at the Museum; Battle of the Smithsonian and Camp Rock which was a success to their film career.

More facts about the Jonas brothers are that they wore rings on their left hands ring fingers as a sign of purity. They have been brought up in a staunch Christian set up and therefore they have followed the same foot steps of their parents. They are committed Christians with family friendly image. The Jonas brothers are a force to reckon with in the music world! Better watch their pace! That’s a fact!

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